Las Vegas Short Sale

You don’t need a short sale you need a “Schwartz Sale!!” Sam and the team at Schwartz Realty have helped 1000’s of underwater homeowners navigate the process.  As of 2016 19.9% of all Las Vegas homeowners owed more on their house than it was worth.  While that is down from almost 80% in the depth of the housing crisis,  It still presents a problem for homeowners needing to sell their homes.  Today short sales are taking longer and longer to process.  It is important to use a Realtor who has experience negotiating with the lien holder.

What Is A Short Sale?

A short sale is the term used to describe a sale of real estate in which the seller receives less than the amount owed on the mortgage. The bank or other lender then negotiates to forgive the difference between what is owed and what is realized from the sale. In markets with declining home values, short sales may be the best way for lenders to realize the value in a home. Short sales in Las Vegas are also appealing to homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure after receiving a notice of default.

Why use Schwartz Realty for your short sale?

We partner with the attorneys at Schwartz Flansburg who help homeowners protect their interests during the short sale process. We explain the tax implications and talk about potential consequences on future credit scores. Let Schwartz Realtors help you decided whether or not a short sale in right for  you. Schedule a time to meet with one of our Realtors to understand your option when short selling your home in Las Vegas.

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