2% Listing:

Real Estate Commissions can be overwhelming to understand for both buyers and sellers.  Agents themselves often struggle to ensure that all parties’ commissions are properly addressed before a real estate transaction is completed.  Therefore, in an effort to help provide better services and more savings to clients, Schwartz Realty now offers a new alternative to the traditional real estate transaction commission based status quo.

Every transaction is unique, so Schwartz Realty created several service levels for clients to choose from.  Our service levels start with a flat fee of 2% for listing and facilitating the sale of residential property, to flat fee services for real estate work on a project-by-project basis.  The fixed fees we offer are for specific contract related services, including solely reviewing purchase agreements, handling entire traditional transactions, without commissions, between buyers and sellers, and other general real estate work.  Examples of the types of fees are set forth below or you may contact us directly with questions at 702-485-1400.

At Schwartz Realty, we also recognize that with multiple options – questions inevitably arise.  This is why we offer a free half-hour consultation with a real estate professional – to ensure that you make the best decision for your property and your bottom line.

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Schwartz Realty Service Levels:

SR Basic Document Review

$500-$1,000 – for review of contracts and agreements on a document-by-document basis.  The fees charged are based on the type of contract, and is limited to the review of, and comment on the documents requested.

SR Complete

$2,500 – manage all aspects of a real estate transaction, from start to closing, including drafting and reviewing contracts, addendum, title reports and settlement statements.  The SR Complete Service does not include any marketing or sales work in connection with the sale of your property.

SR Listing Service

2% for the marketing and sale of your property as the seller’s listing agent.  A commission may need to be paid to the buyer’s agent of up to 3%.



The commissions, fees and costs listed herein relate exclusively to Schwartz Realty’s 2 Percent Listing Service, are subject to change or amendment, and are limited to the terms and conditions set forth in your listing agreement.  If you do not meet the requirements of Schwartz Realty’s 2 Percent Listing Service, your transaction might be subject to higher commission rates and fee structure.  Questions relating to Schwartz Realty’s commissions, fees and costs should be directed to our Real Estate Coordinator., and/or Broker of record, Samuel A. Schwartz.

2 Percent Listing Service Requirements: In order to apply, the listing agreement must be with Schwartz Realty’s Agent, Samuel A. Schwartz, (ii) all transactional-work related to your listing, negotiation of sale, and assistance with closing are exclusively handled by Schwartz Realty, as directed by Samuel A. Schwartz, and (iii) the transaction does not result in or is not subject to litigation prior to listing and/or at the time of your scheduled closing.

Not all Schwartz Realty agents participate in the brokerage’s 2 Percent Listing Service, and the commission structure for your transaction is governed by the agreed upon rates set forth in listing agreement between your agent at Schwartz Realty, which listing agreements may provide for higher commissions and fees to be paid at the time of closing.